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Who We Are

Stellar Dance Center is dedicated to providing fresh material based on core dance foundations.  We believe in quality instruction in a safe classroom environment, where students can learn and grow without judgement.  At SDC, we want our students to feel alive, gain self-confidence, and learn self-discipline. 


Stellar Dance Center was formed in January 2015 by Natalia Solise Gordon.  A dream in the making since she was a teenager, Stellar Dance Center is proof that you can do anything you put your mind to, as long as you have passion and a strong work ethic.  Natalia firmly believes in selecting instructors of like mind and hopes to extend those same values to her students.

SDC Staff

Natalia Gordon

Gordon is the owner and head instructor of Stellar Dance Center.  She has participated in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance since she was six years old.  Gordon fell in love with dance at a young age while taking gymnastics.


Gordon coached and choreographed for the MNHHS Maroon Magic Dance Team from 2009-2016.  The team had earned top 3 at the KDCO State competition multiple years and earned their first State Championship in 2015.  MMDT earned a double state championship in 2016, winning first place in both the Medium Pom and Medium Hip Hop categories.  Other past dance achievements include dancing for the University of Kentucky Wildcat Danzers from 2003-2006 and winning multiple national championships as an HCCHS High Voltage dancer from 1999-2003.  Gordon continues to choreograph teams within the county and surrounding states.


Her official start to choreographing and teaching dance came after high school graduation, with Eastern Cheer & Dance Association  based out of South Hill, VA.    Over her 4 year employment, she was a member of instructional staff, choreography staff, training staff, and head instructor staff.  She earned an invitation to be a staff member of the 2003 Capital One Bowl Halftime Show, Instructor of the Year in 2004, and participated as a staff member for the 2006 Pro Bowl Halftime Show with the Backstreet Boys. 


Gordon is a bit old school.  She is known for being tough on students, expecting the highest behavior standards and pushing them to do their best in all areas of dance.  Parents too :)  She doesn't believe that "everyone gets a trophy," and wants her students to understand you have to work hard to get ahead in life.  As much as she is tough, she also enjoys making jokes (especially at herself) and loves all the hugs she receives from her students.


Although dance is pretty much life for Gordon, she does occasionally get to see her  awesome husband, Johnny Gordon.  She is forever grateful for his support of her dream, that many others did not believe in over the years.  Many thanks to her mother, Jeannie Blanchard for all of her help getting the studio ready: from designing her studio logo and taking pictures, to all large amounts of cleaning and set up to prepare the studio space.  Thanks to her dad, Chad Solise (may he rest in peace), for the countless times he told her she can do whatever she puts her mind to. 

Kaitlyn Adams

Kaitlyn is a senior at Hopkins County Central High School.  She was a member of the SHMS Dance Cats, and is a fourth year member of HCCHS High Voltage.   She trained several years of her childhood in with Markwell dance as well.  This is her third year teaching at Stellar Dance Center.  You will find her teaching Wednesday and Friday classes!


Kalie Willis

Kalie is a junior at Madisonville North Hopkins.  She has danced competitively at James Madison Middle School and MNHHS Maroon Magic dance team for the last 5 years, as well as taking recreational dance classes at Stellar for 7 years.  Kalie has a beautiful smile, is patient and caring, and has loads of creative ideas, making her an excellent member of our Stellar staff.  You will find her working with hip hop and creative movement classes!  She can't wait to see your lovely faces!

Kimberley Trappe

Avery Rudd

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