Frequently Asked Questions

What are the office hours?  Can I just pop in to talk to someone about class information?

Office hours are Tuesday-Friday 3:30-6:30pm.  Although classes may be going on outside of those times, those times/dates are the only times we can guarantee someone will be available at the front desk to assist you over the phone. DUE TO COVID-19, we are CLOSED to foot traffic.  We are limited to the number of people allowed in the building, so parents will have to make an appointment if there is something you need assistance with that requires you to meet with us in person.

I see the address under "Contact Us" but I still have no idea where to enter.

Parents may park in the public parking lot behind or beside the studio.  We have 2 entrances that will be utilized: the back-side door right by the railroad tracks OR the big wooden door with the 36 on it is the front entrance.  **The door with 34 on it is our personal can't get it that way :)

We ask students who take class in the "little room" to enter through the back side door and students taking class in the "big room" to enter through the main, front entrance.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, we will only be accepting payment online through emailed invoices.   If buying dancewear in person, we will accept cash or check.

Can I try a class first to see if I like it before paying all those fees?

If there is an opening in a class, you may try it virtually through Zoom.  As usual, we fill spaces in class first-come-first serve.  Whoever pays first, gets the space in class.  

I can't find any of the appropriate dancewear in town.  What do I do?

Stellar Dance Center does keep a small inventory of ballet slippers, tights, leotards, and other fitted dancewear that is approved for class wear.  You can order yourself through websites like and  We will give your child 2 weeks to acquire the appropriate dancewear.

DUE TO COVID-19, our fitting services must be scheduled through appointment to make sure there are not too many people in the building at once.

Wal-Mart has a wide variety of bike shorts, yoga bottoms, and tanks that are acceptable for dance wear.

I am interested in a dance class, but SDC doesn't offer anything in my age group for the style I want.

Contact us anyway!  We keep a list of names and contact information for those interested in classes we are not offering.  If we acquire enough interest, we are always willing to begin a new class.

My child missed a class.  Will my tuition be prorated?

As outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook, your fees will not be prorated if you miss class.  You can, however, contact SDC about attending another class in their age range as a makeup session.  We are also offering a virtual option this year if you can't attend in person for any reason.  Fees will only be prorated in instances where SDC must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances which do not allow for makeup sessions.  

How do you alert parents for cancellations due to weather?

In cases where poor weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances cause us to cancel, we alert everyone via the Remind app.  You must sign up by texting @stellarda to the number 81010.  We will also post on Facebook and email when time allows.  Sometimes weather hits unexpectedly while we are teaching class, so if you are ever concerned about the weather please call us!  We also encourage you to arrive only 5 minutes or so early for class; there have been times when we had to cancel due to weather 15-30 minutes before a class started.

Do you always follow the Hopkins County Schools schedule?

No, we do not!  There is a studio calendar posted per semester.  Cancellations do not always follow Hopkins County Schools either.  Please call the studio or check the website and Facebook for cancellation information.

My child and her friends want to be in a class together.  Can you make sure they are together?


There is no way to guarantee friends will be grouped together.  Students are often divided up not only by age, but by experience level.  For the best learning experience, the instructor will place everyone in a class that is age and level appropriate.  The students will be so busy learning, there will be very little social time anyway!  Class sizes are also significantly smaller this year due to COVID-19, so it is more or less a "get what you get" situation even more so than usual!

When can I speak with my child's teacher?

We are sorry, but there is rarely time to chat with teachers between their classes.  To give you the attention you deserve, please call the studio to set up an appointment with your child's teacher, message us on Facebook or send us an email.

I don't know which class to register for, I have missed class, etc...Can you help/watch me for a few minutes before or after class?

You may attend any class if registering for the first time, attend a makeup session if already enrolled,  or you may set up an appointment for a private lesson.  To maintain fairness to other students and the class schedule, additional instruction outside of class time is not a possibility. 

Should I help my child with steps at home?

It is advised to allow the child time to master the steps in the classroom.  They will eventually be able to master steps and show you all they have learned. 

Should I contact the studio if my child will be absent?

Yes!  It is always helpful to know when someone will be absent.

We just moved from out of town or from another studio.  What can we expect with class placement?

All new students will be expected to attend a beginner level of any style.  This will help the student move through SDC more quickly by reviewing core foundations that may have been skipped or forgotten from previous instruction, getting accustomed to the teaching style at SDC, and so the teacher can see where the dancer is in their training.  If the teacher feels the student is ready for a more advanced class after the first session, then the parents will be contacted about switching classes.  It is asked that parents respect the placement decisions made by the instructional staff; advancing students before they are ready may result in injury. 

Is there a recital?

COVID-19 is leaving us with the unknown.  Typically there is a formal Spring recital and we have smaller, informal performance opportunities throughout the year. Location, dates, etc. will be determined and announced closer to time.  We will consider government regulations and reports to determine if it is safe to have any such exhibitions this year.  We hope to have our usual performance opportunities!