• Dance With Me, Creative Movement, Combo's, and all Hip Hop classes.

  • WHEN: 

    • SATURDAY, JAN. 25TH. 

    • Arrive by 1:45pm.

      • Warmups between 2:10-2:20

      • Performances between 2:25-2:35pm.

  • WHERE:

    • Hopkins County Central High School gym


    • Black leggings/pants.  Red, pink or white top (Valentine's colors/festive).

    • Hair back.

    • We do NOT recommend wearing your good dance class shoes.  It's OK to perform in tennis shoes!

  • COST:

    • Admission for spectators is $5.  Bring cash!


    • Be IN THE GYM by the designated time. 

    • Please go to the HOME SIDE, UPPER FAR LEVEL to wait.  Look for Miss Abby, Miss Kaitlyn, and/or Miss Breonna to collect you up there.  They will also announce us when it's time to go to the practice area.

    • Competitions do NOT always run on time.  So whatever time we end up telling you, be prepared to stay longer.  In other words, don't plan anything else you can't miss that day :)

    • Please make sure your child goes to the restroom before they call us out to practice.

    • Please do NOT drop off your child.  An adult must be present for each participant. 

    • As soon as we are done, we will take a group photo on the gym floor.  After that, you will be asked to come down to collect your child.

    • Usually, they have us perform before the awards ceremony, which there is a "dance party" while all the other teams wait for awards.  Our kids are welcome to participate in this dance party, just keep an eye on your kiddo!

    • You do not have to perform, it is optional.  However, all those who participate are expected to be kind and respectful while representing Stellar.  If we do not represent ourselves well, we may not be asked to perform again!

    • Back up date of Feb. 15th in the event of snow!


7-9yr Combo, 8-10yr Combo, 6-8yr Hip Hop, 8-10yr Hip Hop

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10yr+ Hip Hop classes
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